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Description Checklist for Clubs
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Club Contests

A Club can only participate in the Contest process if it is chartered and in good standing.
However you do not need to hold a Contest at Club level. A Club can simply choose (by whatever means it wishes) Contestant/s to represent it at the Area level.

*** *** ***

Arranging a Club Contest

The 5 P’s to remember
“Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”

The 7 P’s to check off
Planning, Preparation, Promotion, Personnel, Provisions, Performance, Post-contest

Set the dates for your four contests as part of your club calendar for the year. The Humorous and Topic Contests should be held between June and October and must be complete by the time of the Area Contest. The International and Evaluation Contests should be held between November and April and must be complete by the time of the Area Contest. Some clubs conduct 2 contests at a meeting, but most clubs will only fit in one contest at a meeting together with other activities. Plan the agenda for each contest meeting, allowing time for the briefings. Study the following two documents

Toastmasters International Speech Contest Rulebook
Toastmasters International Speech Contest Manual
Toastmasters Speech Contest Judge's Training Program

Preparation and Promotion
Ensure all members have plenty of notice of the dates for the contests. Inform your Area Governor of all your contest dates. Promote your contests through your club’s newsletter and website and in the wider community. Invite special guests and send confirmation email/letter.

Organise and ensure all necessary equipment is present for the contests
Club Banner
Stop watch (plus a spare, only one being allowed to be used in the contest)
Timing Lights Back up set of timing cards
Extension cord if mains lights or spare batteries otherwise
Sound if needed

Buy or make Participation, Winners and Runners-up Certificates (and a Certificate of Appreciation for Target Speaker for the Evaluation Contest). Check the club’s stock of contest material and as required buy from

* Judging forms for each type of contest
* Tiebreaker Judging form for each type of contest
* Timers Record Sheet (covers all types of contests)
* Counter’s Tally Sheet
* Certification of Eligibility &Originality
* Biographical Information Sheet
* Notification of Contest Winner form
* Black felt pen for Calligrapher
* Numbered cards or playing cards to draw for contestant
* Copy of the Speech Contest Rulebook
* Copy of Speech Contest Manual
* Briefing notes for each contest
* Copy of Chief Judge briefing notes

The Club VPE is the Contest Chairman, although the VPE can delegate some of the duties to an experienced club member. This especially applies if the VPE wishes to enter a contest. Appoint a Chief Judge. This can be your Area Governor or an experienced club member. As part of this role is to provide education on the judging process, ensure that your appointee has the required contest judging background. At club level, the recommended practice is to use ALL club members not otherwise engaged in the contest as judges. Only in exceptional circumstances, such as a weak club with few members, should your internal judges be supplemented by outside judges. The use of all club members is important so that they become familiar with judging. Appoint all other contest officials

* Two Timers
* Three Counters
* Target speaker for an evaluation contest who should not be a member of your club.
* Toastmaster for the contest, unless the role is being performed by the Contest Chairman
* Calligrapher for the certificates
* Sergeant at Arms (2 may be needed for the Topics and Evaluation contests) Advise all personnel of appointment and duties in writing (email is satisfactory) and ensure that you get an acknowledgement.

Performance at the contest
The Contest Chairman (VPE or a nominee) reviews the contest rules with the contestants, conducts a draw for speaking positions and acquaints the contestants with the speaking area as well as checking any special requirements. Use the Briefing Scripts available on the District 70 website for this task. The Chief Judge selects a tiebreaker judge and briefs the timers and counters. This should be done quietly before the meeting or at a suitable break. The Chief Judge should conduct an educational briefing for club members who are acting as judges. This is best done as part of the meeting with all club members present. This is important for all members, whether contestants, judges or officials, since the briefing by an experienced Chief Judge is the main way members are introduced and educated in the methodology of the Toastmasters judging process. Use the Chief Judge’s Briefing Script for this task, complementing with other advice on judging.

Post Contest
Notify local media of results together with a photo. Send thank you notes/emails Send names of winners, runners up plus their forms to your Area Governor. Use the Notification of Contest Winners form to send the details of winners and runners-up after club contests. Ensure that for each contestant and backup you include:

* Name
* Address
* Phone and email details
* Biographical information form
* Completed Certification of Eligibility and Originality Form with Speech title

All the reference material and forms you need, together with other resources, is available on:

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